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Photograph in Malaysia an essential guide

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Photograph in Malaysia

Malaysia will be able to offer everyone an exotic scenario made of references to prayers from minarets and spicy food, cultivated fields and jungles, ancient cities and gashes of the future while everywhere you meet smiling and friendly people who want to know and talk. In addition, the calendar of Malaysia is full of festivals and each season can guarantee the possibility of living extraordinary experiences.

Subject to Photograph in Malaysia


Photography in Malaysia outside of the cities can be really amazing. Indeed this country has some of the most stunning landscapes I’ve ever photographed. The interesting interplay between the unspoiled jungles and the carefully manicured tea fields is a beautiful compositional opportunity. There are two main National Park worth the visit. The Tamal Nagar near Kuala Lumpur and the Kinabalu National Park. Anyway, the highlight for shooting Nature is the Borneo and the Mulu National Park.

Streets and Markets

Is one of my favorite subject in Malaysia Photography. Every place and corners you will go you will find some stand to capture. Indeed Street food is one of the subject to shoot. Don’t forget to photograph them before you eat them. Food markets can be confronting for anyone doesn’t like graphic animal meats, but they’re worth visiting for the colour and brightness of the fruit and veg section.

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These unique people can be found tending their crops and sharing their goods in local marketplaces. The people of Malaysia are wonderfully welcoming and friendly that make some landscapes so beautiful. You still met a mix of culture and heritage almost in all the country. That’s the beauty in Malaysia.

Location to Photograph Malaysia

Below i describe my favorite location in the country, that I really enjoy to discover and shooting.

Kuala Lumpur

The capital is not chaotic and charming like Bangkok or Delhi, but has some interesting things to see and is quite easy to discover. Can you start near the railway station and the Palace of Sultan Abdul Samad. This area has some monuments of the British colonial era. In fact, the Bukit Bintang district where you can go shopping, the Brickfields (Little India) and Chinatown. Also can you visit the National Museum and Islamic Arts Museum you can admire the art and history of Malaysia. While at the north border of Kuala Lumpur there are the Batu Caves, with some Hindu temples inside

 Photograph Malaysia
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Before living do not miss the Petronas Towers, two 451 meters high skyscrapers, built in glass and steel with Islamic motifs.


Penang is my favorite location to to Photograph in Malaysia. It is a state of north west of the country, near to the border of Thailand. Its capital is Georgetown, an interesting colonial city where one of the main ports of the entire federation is located: obviously the visit starts from here. Worth seeing are the Fort Cornwallis, the Seri Rampai cannon, the Kapitan Keling Mosque and the historic center. Best location are China Town and Little India, especially when there are some festivals.

 Photograph Malaysia


Melaka is the cradle of the Malay civilization. It is a pleasant and elegant city where you can enjoy a relaxing atmosphere appreciating the evident traces of the colonial past influenced by different cultures, from that of Holland to that which came from Portugal. Here during the leanest days you can shooting at colonial architecture and the charming channel.

Cameron Highlands

Tea is a colonial-era legacy and the high lands of Cameron are full of it. This plateau not far from the west coast of the country has an ideal microclimate for any type of cultivation . So here you can capture the most scenic landscapes that are painted by the immense tea plantations. Also can you shoot Waterfalls doing trekking. Here, the fine art photographer Hoflehner take some great shots.

Be prepare to Photograph Malaysia

Before arrive to photograph Malaysia get sure to be prepare for this big country. Even it has open to tourism many years ago, there are some issues that you need to know, especially if you are first timer. For a Photographer is really important know what you want really shooting at is fundamental. When you have the focus on some subjects, then you will find where. Usually my first step to be prepare is to look a map of the area and how many itinerary choice i have to make. Also to be prepare i start to read about history, culture and contemporary issues. I will take some information about rules and social behavior. Then i will search for works made by greater photographers. Indeed from them you will be learning a lot of things. Take notes and made a checklist. Finally, be sure you have the right traveling photography equipment.

photography equipment,

When go to Photograph in Malaysia

The temperatures vary very little throughout the year as well as the humidity which remains always high. However, the main distinction is the arrival of the northeastern monsoon which marks the beginning of the rainy season. The effect is particularly pronounced along the east coast of the peninsula and the south west of Sarawak in Borneo, with the peak of rainfall between November and February.

Along the west coast of the peninsula, on the other hand, and in the Sabah region in north east Borneo, the rainiest months are September and October. During these months, showers can last up to a couple of hours.

Basically, the best time to go to Malaysia goes in principle from March to September thus avoiding the peak of the rainy season

Pick the perfect Itinerary

Organizing a trip Malaysia Photography means reducing a huge space in one itinerary. So remember you will never have time to see it all in one trip. Think about what interests you, what you like doing and how much time you have, and tailor your trip accordingly. So make some research before sure you will figure out better your stops. Anyway be realistic about how much you can fit in. Rather than trying to see the whole region, you may get more out of photography Malaysia if you concentrate in few locations.

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