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Photography as Therapy

Photography as Therapy If someone were asked what the photograph is for, they would probably answer that to portray reality. Other say to telling a story or to immortalize special moments and turn them into memories. However, photography has various uses, and one of them is therapy. Indeed taking photos can actually improve your mental health. Camera Therapy in Photography To overcome certain difficult moments or negative feelings that you

Photography Book on India

My favorite Photography Book on India

Favorite Photography Book on India There is no better way to learn to photograph than by doing it by the best. Today it is possible to access many books of great photographers who are an infinite and free source of learning and inspiration.They have in common the Subject, the great country of India and his people. Raghu Rai: “India, Reflections in colour and Reflections in black and white” Raghu Rai’s

Bruno Barbey

Bruno Barbey, master of composition

Bruno Barbey Bruno Barbey is a french photographer born in 1941. He is one of those great figures in contemporary photography who deserves to be vindicated with more force. Being an internationally recognized author, member of the Magnum Agency, he may not have gained as much fame as other photographers of his generation. Still with his talent he has brought to photography a magnificent use of color and an admirable

Michael Kenna

Michael Kenna, a minimal landscape photographer

Some years ago i discovered the figure of Michael Kenna, a minimalist photographer. Perhaps it is the best way to define him is exquisite black and white medium format. And long exposures. I invite you to discover the gaze of one of the heirs of the great photographers of the past: Michael Kenna. Introduce Michael Kenna Being different when taking a photo always attracts attention. In an age where everything

Father of Indian Photography

The Father of Indian Photography,Raghu Rai

Father of Indian Photography Personally I am convinced that Raghu Rai’s work represents a great stimulus for anyone photographers and an excellent starting point for those who engage in street photography and photojournalism. Indeed for those who want to Photograph India is an essential figure to look at. HIs photos and books are a good stimulus and preparation. The Raghu Rai career Known as the “Father of Indian Photography” Rai


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