photographer Angkor Wat

“The” photographer of Angkor Wat

Before going to travel to Cambodia and photograph Angkor Wat everyone should look the works of American photographer John McDermott. For many years he works in the magnificent complex and captures an otherworldly perspective of the Khmer temples using an infrared films. The images that John captured of quiet temples surrounded by forest and village life are fast receding into history. An amazing photograph journey McDermott discovered Siem Reap in

Travel Photography Beginners

Travel Photography Beginners

An essential guide of Travel Photography for Beginners Everybody start from zero with no knowledge or experience in this field. Like me some years ago when i took my first film camera without know about basics. So for them who are in the same situation, i write down some basics elements that I think are like guidelines of travel photography for beginners. I’m not intent to telling you all you

history of travel photography

Early history of travel photography

In the beginning In the history of travel photography nothing was so simple. Instead today we have many options and opportunities and sometimes we forget how lucky we are. Early travel photography days For many centuries people had to rely on the descriptions of explorers to appreciate what other countries looked like. Also painters adding something important with their landscape and portrait. But when, in 1839 Frenchman Louis Daguerre created

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“India” my photography book

After ten years of traveling and documenting with my camera, I producing India my photography book. Many great photographers have captured this amazing country and, I hope, like them i telling with my images some good stories. It is my first book and for that I decided to tell you why. Since 2008 my journey through India took me from chaotic metropolitan landscapes to the majestic Himalayas, from the long

Photography zen

Photography and Zen

Creativity, art and philosophy: some words about zen photography!! There is something very attractive about the circle: it contains everything and yet it is empty. Indeed, it’s a rare characteristic: how everything has a beginning and an end, only that nobody will ever find them. Heraclitus wrote that they coincide in his treatise On Nature. This is also why the circle is the perfect shape. Zen philosophy identifies ” Enso”,


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