Gokarn Beach

From 2008 to 2019 I took several trips to India. I have seen how the country developed very quickly, a cultural homogenization is taking place. However this process is not so tangible in the peripheral and rural places as Gokarn, a small village on the west coast. Here the life of the place has not yet been invaded and pervaded by new forms of technology and mass tourism. Indeed the life of the village is not changed much, especially on the beach town where the people tend to preserve traditional customs, gestures and to more faithfully respect the norms of social behavior prescribed in the ancient Vedic sacred texts. I find interesting to reveal and documenting through some images that collective memories. A visual storytelling set on ocean beach which contains fragments, splinters of the Hindu lifestyle and traditional behavior. The protagonist of this series is the quotidian, its emotions and feelings of humble and normal people. As a result strong and powerful essential gestures emerge that lead back to a sense of timelessness where the horizon extends to infinity, reduced to a single backdrop.

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