Photography Workshop

Photography workshop


Unlike most companies offering photography workshops and tour, I’m expert in fine art and landscape photography. I represent an international standard of quality in terms of photography workshops tuition and tours. I running workshop from many years and my works has been recognize with internationally awards. Check below my next photography workshop.

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What will do in the Photography Workshop

The goal of the workshop is to stimulate participants to develop their individual creativity.
Through a series of performances aimed at investigating the different aspects that contribute to the creation of the photographic image, the perception of color, the control of geometries, the weight of the elements in the compositional structure.

 photo tour India
Traders, Camel Fair, India 2013

What to expect

My Photography Workshops are small, usually with a maximum of 5 people. Therefore, I will spend time with you individually and mix up the groups regularly, so everyone gets a fair share of my time. Sometimes we split into groups of two and meet up regularly.

Travel Photography

We will explore a visual approach and techniques including layering, good use of the environment around you, along with introducing compositional elements that will add depth and detail to your images.

Learn Photography

When we traveling togheter I help you to get close to the action, after that you will overcome fears about approaching strangers. During the workshop I offer you candid and constructive feedback on a regular basis.


My workshops are immersive, not only we visit amazing locations, some off the beaten track, we will getting close to people and places. I’d like to letting you take shoot photographs you have dreamt of.

Get Inspire

Every day we will develop your skills, processing and editing. In this way you will improve all aspects enabling you to create strong body of work.

Get Inspire

You’ll come away with a great understanding of photography and the elements that make up a great photograph. Is important to come back with something important for you.

Photography Workshop Tuscany
Photo take in one of my Tuscany Tour

What you need in my Photography Workshop:

  • Your own equipment
  • Acquaintance with concepts of photography
  • A travel and health insurance.
  • a smartphone for maps and Apps
  • Can be useful a smartphone for Google maps or WhatsApp.
  • An Open Mind

Cost and payments:

  • The tuition fee covers Raffaele’s expenses during the workshop  as well as the preparation and organization of each workshop
  • The participants cover expenses such as air tickets, visas, insurance and other travel costs. In some workshop the accommodation and other fee are included, when is indicated. If most cases you only pay the tuition fee to Raffaele.
  • No obligation of deposit needed, but is recommended for sure the place and 2 months before you have to make a full payment  of the workshop.
Photography Workshop
Photo take in one of my India Tour

Where we Stay in my Photography Tour

Photography travel India

We choose charming Hotels and fabulous location. Indeed the accommodation is a key element of any tour. So we have gone to great lengths to secure clean hotels in amazing boutique hotels and heritage buildings.

After the Workshop

Usually at the end you will finish the course with a strong set of images  that captures the place you have been visited.

After the workshop, I’d like to stay in touch with most course participants and encourage you to take up personal projects that are close to you.

For More Information

    Some tips and recommendation for camera gear, clothing and eco-friendly product.


    Photo Equipment

    • A camera with remote or timed release
    • Lenses from WA to Tele
    • A sturdy tripod
    • A set of filters (Polariser, Grad NDs, NDs)
    • A laptop for our post-processing sessions.
    • An external HDD for image backup
    • Smartphone for Maps and APP


    • Rainproof jacket
    • Warm gloves
    • Warm and rainproof hat
    • Tech clothing, organised in layers​​
    • Rain pants
    • Hat

    Eco-friendly Travel Products

    • Reusable straw & cleaner
    • Collapsible cups
    • Reusable Utensils
    • Sewing Kit
    • Reusable bags
    • Microfiber towel
    • Natural Insect Repellant
    • Solar battery pack

    Cancellation of my Photography Workshop:

    • The fee is fully refundable if cancellation is made 30 days before the start of the workshop.
    • Raffaele is not responsible for any reimbursement of travel expenses in case of cancellation of the workshop. It is recommended to buy refundable tickets and travel insurance when it is possible.
    • The fees are in Euro but you can pay in Dollars, and all the banktransfer fees are to be covered by the workshop participant.

    More Info about Me

    Since 2013 Raffaele has been organizing photography workshops in Europe and Asia in small groups. Those small workshops offer a personal approach and relationship adapted to each individual. So, it allows a global experience, 24 hours a day, from early morning shooting to the end of the day review. Therefore, the workshop not only focus on the technical aspects of photography, but also on local uses, integrating cultural approach and behaviors. Through the photographer’s gaze, it aims to offer a new perspective of traveling. Raffaele Ferrari speaks and teach in various languages (Spanish, Italian, English).

    Invest for skills and experience

    I think the best reasons to attend a photography workshop is that you can learn how to make better photos. So i believe that investing in experiences is a much better investment than investing in gear. Also you have some benefit that you don’t find on line or for free. In fact, attending a workshop you can gain distilled wisdom about photography from the instructor.

    Travel photography, Camel Fair Festival, Rajasthan
    Photo in Camel Fair Festival during a Photo Tour

    Get into it

    When you attend a workshop get into it. Can be obviously but some time is not. So when you attend a workshop, know that you need to work hard, if you actually want to improve your photography. Indeed you have to be really focus and remember yourself often why you are there.

    Sustainable Photography Workshop

    Sustainable photography should be truly important to a responsible traveler. In this regard I try to do my small part and to follow some guidelines when I travel and do my photography workshop. A sustainable model of photographic culture is absolutely necessary right now. So, in the way we pay attention to these things in our daily life, it is possible to include those passages in our photographic activities.
    For example, start using reusable tools whenever possible.