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Photography Tour Rajasthan

Introduction of my of Photography Tour Rajasthan:

Immerse ourselves in the magical world of the Rajh, made of splendid palaces and impressive fortresses. In our photography tour in Rajasthan there will be plenty of opportunities to visit the major sites of historical and cultural interest, as well as the chaotic and colorful markets. So we will shooting in Jaipur, the capital of the region, famous for its bazaars and its spectacular monuments. Before returning to the capital we will visit the Taj Mahal and for those who want to continue to Varanasi, the Hindu city overlooking the Ganges, a place of worship and of thousand-year charm.

DATES1 November- 11 November 2023
DURATION10 days, 9 nights
THEMETravel and Landscape Photography
SUITABLE FORFrom beginners to experts
PHOTOGRAPHIC GEARDigital reflex or mirrorless, Analog , any brand, any kind
PARTICIPANTSSmall Group/ Only 4 Left Places
TUTORRaffaele Ferrari
PRICE2500 (Single Room)

Itinerary of Photography Tour Rajasthan:

This itinerary is indicative of the places that i usually visit in the photography tour of Rajasthan. Anyway before a trip, I often talk with the clients for any adjustment and variation.


photograph jodhpur

Day 1 Jodhpur:

We meet you in Jodhpur. Check in at hotel and a remark briefing , take a rest. Then after lunch small photo tour in center town of Jodhpur.

Photography Workshop Camel Fair

DAY 2 Jodhpur:

We start hour journey early to photograph the amazing fortress of the city. After lunch visit at the markets and old town

Photography Workshop Camel Fair

DAY 3 Jodhpur / Pushkar:

Right after the breakfast, we depart to the heart of Rajasthan. We will arrive at Pushkar and After lunch we’ll have a discussion about shooting plan for the next days. Then little walk on old town and the lake.

tour photography Rajasthan

DAY 4 Pushkar/Jaipur:

Morning travel to Jaipur, arrive at lunch. Afternoon visit at old pink town and their monument

photography tour Jaipur

DAY 5 Jaipur:

Early shooting at Sunrise in Flower market. Then a walk in Jaipur old town. In conclusion , in sunset time session at famous Pink Gates.

Photography tour Rajasthan

DAY 6 Jaipur/Agra:

Living early morning and stop on the way to session of photography at Fathephur Sikri. Arrive in agra to shooting at sunset at river side of Taj Mahal.

Photography tour Rajasthan

DAY 7 Agra/Varanasi:

Visit Taj Mahal in morning and other attractions in town in the afternoon. Then night train to Varanasi

Photography tour Rajasthan

DAY 8 Varanasi:

Early morning arrive at Varanasi . Rest at hotel and a photo walk along the river. Shooting around the gaths of the Ganga river until the sunset prayer.

Photography tour Varanasi

DAY 9 Varanasi:

Early morning arrive at river we take a boat the explore the other side of the Ganga. Visit at the market and the back to the hotel.


Photography Workshop Camel Fair

Day 10 Departure:

Leaving from Varanasi. Yes, unfortunately this is our last day . We’ll have our morning session near the hotel, though. Then breakfast, and after that we pack our bags and leave.


Unlike most companies offering photography tour Rajasthan and workshops, I’m expert in fine art and landscape photography. Indeed I travel and photograph India since 2008 . Also I represent an international standard of quality in terms of photography workshops tuition and tours. Therefore I running workshop from many years and my works has been recognize with internationally awards.

My Photography Workshops are small, usually with a maximum of 5 people. Therefore, I will spend time with you individually and mix up the groups regularly, so everyone gets a fair share of my time. Sometimes we split into groups of two and meet up regularly.

Travel Photography

We will explore a visual approach and techniques including layering, good use of the environment around you, along with introducing compositional elements that will add depth and detail to your images.

Learn Photography

When we traveling togheter I help you to get close to the action, after that you will overcome fears about approaching strangers. During the workshop I offer you candid and constructive feedback on a regular basis.


My workshops are immersive, not only we visit amazing locations, some off the beaten track, we will getting close to people and places. I’d like to letting you take shoot photographs you have dreamed of.

Get Inspire

Every day we will develop your skills, processing and editing. In this way you will improve all aspects enabling you to create strong body of work.

Get Inspire

You’ll come away with a great understanding of photography and the elements that make up a great photograph. Is important to come back with something important for you.

Photography tour Rajasthan
Turkish and Mughal who were ruling in the Indian subcontinent introduced Central Asian and Persian styles of Islamic architecture in the region, and by the late 12th century, early monuments in this style were appearing in and around Delhi, giving rise to the Indo-Islamic architecture in the coming centuries. The combination of red sandstone and white marble was previously seen in Delhi Sultanate period tombs and mosques.

Photography tour Rajasthan include:

– All journeys by private air-con vehicle with driver speaking in English, petrol, taxes, tolls and parking lots .

-Transfer from the airport to the hotel upon arrival and departure from the hotel at the airport.

– Hotel with breakfast and taxes.

– Accommodation in a double room at the hotel.

– Professional guide and photographer.

Photography tour Rajasthan does not include

-Lunch and Dinner.

– Entrance fees to Monuments.

– Single room supplement.

– Travel insurance (mandatory).

– International flight.

Individual Fee

— Starting for a minimum participants of 4: 2500 Euro.

— Early booking discount.


-30% down payment upon accession.

-Balance 15 days before departure.

The Right Gear at Photography Tour Rajasthan

Photograph Camel Fair is a really a unique experience you have to , and you can capture stunning images in many location, no matter the gear. So if you want to make the most of your journey in the region, here is some equipment that you might need.

  • A camera. It doesn’t matter if your camera is a full-frame or APSC if you understand how to use it.
  • A wide-angle lens. Would be useful for some landscape scene to fit everything into the frame.
  • A versatile travel zoom, such as 24-105mm or similar. This will come in handy when you need to zoom in town. In india you will see many scene to capture and a zoom is a must.I don’t suggest a dedicated telephoto, but having something with more reach will definitely help.
  • A mobile for application and more media like video or snapshot.
  • A tripod for the panoramic picture along the sea area and night photography.
  • (Optional) a polarizing filter. A polarizing filter can occasionally be useful, so if you have one, there is no reason not to bring it.
  • A Mobile Really useful for Gps or some App

More About Me

Raffaele Ferrari Photographer

Since 2013 Raffaele has been organizing photography workshops in Europe and Asia in small groups. Those small workshops offer a personal approach and relationship adapted to each individual. So, it allows a global experience, 24 hours a day, from early morning shooting to the end of the day review. Therefore, the workshop not only focus on the technical aspects of photography, but also on local uses, integrating cultural approach and behaviors. Through the photographer’s gaze, it aims to offer a new perspective of traveling. Raffaele Ferrari speaks and teach in various languages (Spanish, Italian, English).


All our trips are born with the idea of ​​a photographic work in a responsible, ethical and respectful way. Before each trip, the participants will be instructed in the ethical code aimed at not being in unpleasant situations. It is recommended to read the travel assistance section regarding the seriousness of the sanctions in India for drug use etc.

Documents for Photography tour Rajasthan

Participants must apply for an Indian tourist visa embassy or consulate (contact us for more information and help) via online (Price approx. € 65). Passport with a minimum validity of six months and at least two blank pages.


Prophylaxis or vaccination for India is not mandatory. However, it is recommended to contact the external health of the autonomous community of each participant.


The itineraries for photography workshop camel fair can be modified for logistical needs and / or adverse weather conditions. When there are some particular occasions, the order of visits and hotel services may be subject to some variation. Anyway guaranteeing in any case the complete performance of the program, except for reasons of force majeure.

My Photography Book “India”

What eat in my Photo Tour in Rajasthan

Photographing the Rajasthan and Varanasi without eating Local food is a grave sin. In fact it would be an incomplete photography tour. Indeed during this day we will taste amazing ethnic food recipes. So any photographers will be delighted to explore the gastronomic delights in this exotic state. It is home to dominant flavors as the climate here is arid which allows for the production of famous Indian spices used in the various iconic dishes made here.Thus the culinary style of the region to a great extent shaped up according to the bellicose lifestyle of the natives. Unavailability of a variety of fresh vegetables, fruits and other ingredients and scarcity of water due to the arid nature of the region has profound effect on the cooking style of the locals.

Photo Tour India

The best of my Photography tour in Rajasthan


The second city of Rajasthan formed by princely palaces, forts and temples. The city is known as the “City of the Sun” for its bright and sunny weather throughout the year. It was founded by Rao Jodha, a chief of the Rathore clan, in 1459. Our photographic tour will focus on the small streets in the oldest part characterized by the blue color of the house and its life. Visited different enclaves such as the city market and its clock tower. Then we head to the fortress of Mehrangarh and Jaswant Thada.

Photography tour Rajasthan


Pushkar is one of the oldest pilgrimage sites of the Hindus, famous for having the only temple dedicated to Lord Brahma. We will visit the famous Brahma You Temple where you can take a sacred bath in Pushkar Lake to eliminate all your sins, such as scripts in Hindu mythology. Also the village is famous for the Camel Fair, the Pushkar Mela , maybe the most famous rajasthan festival where thousand of people coming to participated.

photography workshop Rajasthan


The Pink City, where once we arrive we will make a first contact in this chaotic city. Above all, we will focus on the city’s central bazaars, famous throughout India for stones and handicrafts. Visit the palace of Amber and Jal Mahal (palace located in the center of a lake) and the interesting astronomical observatory.

Photography tour Rajasthan


We will visit the Taj Mahal at dawn. Then we will go to the Red Fort, which offers an impressive view of the Taj Mahal from the other side of the river as well as the laundries on the Yumana River. Here we will focus on more interesting photos and with another perspective.

Photography tour Rajasthan


The Photography Tour Rajasthan can be extended to Varanasi. In fact,the city is located on the west bank of the river Ganges between the tributaries, the Varuna and the Asi. Hence its name. Along the river countless temples rise where devotees and pilgrims plunge into the waters in their daily ablutions while a few meters away the litanies that accompany the corpses to be cremated. Walk through the ghat where cremations are made, There we will take a boat to see the “puja” or offering made at sunset from the river.

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