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Photography Workshop in Tuscany

Photography Workshop in Tuscany to discover a land that truly does have it all for any photographers. A photographer’s panacea offering unmatched opportunities to capture extraordinary culture, millenary art and architecture. 

Intro to my Photography Workshop in Tuscany

A photographic workshop in Tuscany to have images of unforgettable landscapes and wonderful cities. I offer customized group or individual photography tours that will allow you to capture a land rich in beauty, history and iconic landscapes. As a native to the region, my tours will provide you with opportunities to explore the region from unique perspectives and optimal viewpoints. The different itineraries focus on a wide range of interests and can be individually tailored to accommodate individual preferences.

Choose your Photography Workshop in Tuscany


Unlike most companies offering photography workshops and tour, I’m expert in fine art and landscape photography. I represent an international standard of quality in terms of photography workshops tuition and tours. I running workshop from many years and my works has been recognize with internationally awards.

My Photography Workshops in Tuscany are small, usually with a maximum of 5 people. Therefore, I will spend time with you individually and mix up the groups regularly, so everyone gets a fair share of my time. Sometimes we split into groups of two and meet up regularly.


During my Workshop in Tuscany we’ll photograph every day, including the first and last day of the trip. To take advantage of the best light, we’ll go out to photograph at sunrise and sunset every day, adding as many daytime shooting sessions as well as the weather will let us. Even I grew up in this magic land,i can’t control what the weather’s going to be. So, it would is not make sense to publish a detailed daily program on this page, only to have to change it later. So we’ll select our shooting locations for any given day according to that day’s weather.


Those are the best location I choose to our photography workshop in Tuscany to cover and discover. In fact, to realize the best images possible, I’ll select our shooting locations for any given day according to the weather. Therefore together we’ll photograph the stunning view from the Tuscany hills, or little amazing city or unbelievable coast. I have specific itineraries planned but your schedule could be personalized. Usually my location to shooting are Florence, Pisa ,Siena and Livorno . Also I organized workshop to photograph the small ancient villages around the hills like Volterra and San Gimignano. Here you will shoot the famous hills and stones towers passing through the vineyards. In conclusion there are plenty of opportunity to photograph in Tuscany, so choose the area, subject and then join me!


Florence Photo Tour

Invest for skills and experience

I think the best reasons to attend a photography workshop is that you can learn how to make better photos. So i believe that investing in experiences is a much better investment than investing in gear. Also you have some benefit that you don’t find on line or for free. In fact, attending a workshop you can gain distilled wisdom about photography from the instructor.

More Info about Me

Raffaele Ferrari Photographer

Since 2013 Raffaele has been organizing photography workshops in Europe and Asia in small groups. Those small workshops offer a personal approach and relationship adapted to each individual. So, it allows a global experience, 24 hours a day, from early morning shooting to the end of the day review. Therefore, the workshop not only focus on the technical aspects of photography, but also on local uses, integrating cultural approach and behaviors. Through the photographer’s gaze, it aims to offer a new perspective of traveling. Raffaele Ferrari speaks and teach in various languages (Spanish, Italian, English).

The Photography Workshop in Tuscany Includes:

  • Pick up and drop off from/to nearest train station or airport in Tuscany.
  • All ground travel costs (car, driver, maps, fuel and tolls).
  • Full time guide and personalized instruction in-the-field.

The Photography Workshop in Tuscany doesn’t include:

  • Accommodation, Anyway if needed I help to find one and booking without commission.
  • Airfare to Italy and travel costs to reach the pick up point.
  • Meals and beverages.
  • Travel Insurance (It is not mandatory but we don’t take any responsibility).


A good pair of waterproof hiking boots and waterproof outdoor  clothing is essential depending on the location of the workshop. Warm hats, gloves and thermals are necessary. Also it is essential to bring ice grippers for your boots. 

If you have booked a photography workshop in Tuscany a warm jacket or coat for early mornings then once the sun is up the temperatures are very pleasant so light clothing is advised. A comfortable pair of walking shoes.


About the equipment below I put some suggestion

CAMERA – all workshop attendees require a Digital / Film camera.

DIGITAL MEMORY AND/OR FILM – 16 Gb or higher memory cards are recommended. If you have a high megpixel camera you will need at least a 32Gb card.

TRIPOD – if you don’t have one already or are considering a new tripod,

CAMERA BAG – Comfortable camera backpack.

FILTERS – IF YOU BRING NO OTHER FILTERS, BRING A POLARISING FILTER.  Graduated ND (2 stop & 3 stop hard and soft grads).

SHUTTER RELEASE CORD or remote shutter release. If you are buying for the first time, get a basic shutter release that doesn’t take batteries. These are very simple to operate and never run out of battery power like the all singing all dancing shutter releases that have time lapse functions etc. and tell you when to eat lunch.   

Keep it simple.


Please bring with you a small selection of images (jpgs @ 72 dpi) on a device (laptop or iPad)  or memory stick for reviewing.

What Will Do

Travel Photography

We will explore a visual approach and techniques including layering, good use of the environment around you, along with introducing compositional elements that will add depth and detail to your images.

Learn Photography

When we traveling togheter I help you to get close to the action, after that you will overcome fears about approaching strangers or acting in unfriendly environment. During the workshop I offer you candid and constructive feedback on a regular basis.


My workshops are immersive, not only we visit amazing locations, some off the beaten track, we will getting close to people and places. I’d like to letting you take shoot photographs you have dreamt of.

Get Inspire

Every day we will develop your skills, processing and editing. In this way you will improve all aspects enabling you to create strong body of work.

Get Inspire

You’ll come away with a great understanding of photography and the elements that make up a great photograph. Is important to come back with something important for you.

Photography Workshop Tuscany

Get into Photography Workshop in Tuscany

When you attend a photography workshop in Tuscany get into it. Can be obviously but some time is not. So when you attend a workshop, know that you need to work hard, if you actually want to improve your photography. Indeed you have to be really focus and remember yourself often why you are there.

After the Photography Workshop in Tuscany

Photography Workshop Tuscany

Usually at the end you will finish the course with a strong set of images  that captures the place you have been visited. After the photography Workshop in Tuscany, I’d like to stay in touch with most course participants. Indeed i encourage you to take up personal projects that are close to you.

Chat with Me

Be prepare to my Workshop in Tuscany

Before arrive to photography in Tuscany get sure to be prepare. It’s not a big area but there are a lot of thinks to do and capture. Indeed are not easy choice to dealing with, especially if you are first timer. So find your subjects to shoot is really fundamental and then decide how do it. Usually my first step to be prepare is to look a map of the area and choose what coming first. Also search for landscape to capture and what time I have the best light to do it. Then try to read something about history and culture and costumes. Meanwhile search for works made in this region by greater photographers. Indeed from them you will be learning a lot of things. Take notes and made a checklist.

  • My Workshop in Tuscany take place all year long, when I’m not traveling.
  • Private photography tours/workshops.
  • Deadline for booking is few days before starting. I also consider last minute bookings (less than 2 days before starting) but i cannot ensure the availability.
  • Upon request the duration can be extended, ever during the photo tour/workshop, if possible.

When Photograph Tuscany

The best time to visit Tuscany is the low season is from April to June and September to November. In this time the light is at the best and you can get really amazing colors a t the golden hours. Also the weather is generally nice, the prices are lower and there are fewer tourists. Instead is better to avoid the end of July and August, because it is very hot and the light is strong., Another months to consider are in winter is generally quite cold in the whole region, more than you normally imagine. You can find interesting weather condition to capture. Particularly the hilly areas of the hinterland, such as those of Siena and Cortona, can be cover by fogs.

    How Reach Tuscany and Moving Around

    Tuscany is well-connected and is easy to get to by air or land. If you arrive with flight the two main airport are in Pisa and in Florence at Vespucci Airport. From there you can take a bus or train to reach other destination. Also can you take taxi, but are expensive.

    Indeed the railway network has good connections with the main cities in the north, while to the south Rome is only about an hour and a half away. Maybe is the best public transportation to move around.

    Usefull Information in my Photography Workshop in Tuscany


    The main language spoken in Tuscany is Italian. During the last few years the use of the English language has become more and more widespread. Also thanks to tourism in Tuscany, you will find shops and restaurateurs who speak at least basic English. The hotel staff generally speak fluent English. However, don’t expect to be understood everywhere

    Money / currency

    The currency in Italy is the Euro (€). Large shops, restaurants, and hotels will accept credit and debit cards, but in general they prefer cash.

    Wi-Fi / Internet coverage

    Cell phone coverage is good practically everywhere in Tuscany, but still slow in some areas. In the cities there are no problems and the service is fast enough, however in the countryside the network leaves something to be desired. The costs of SIM card are affordable and you can find them in many shops.

    Sustainable Photography

    Sustainable photography should be truly important to a responsible traveler. In this regard I try to do my small part and to follow some guidelines when I travel and do my photography workshop in Tuscany. A sustainable model of photographic culture is absolutely necessary right now. So, in the way we pay attention to these things in our daily life, it is possible to include those passages in our photographic activities. Finally will. give you a list of some travel products eco-friendly:

    Reusable straw & cleaner
    Collapsible cups
    Reusable Utensils
    Sewing Kit
    Reusable bags
    Microfiber towel
    Natural Insect Repellant
    Solar battery pack.

    Food and Wine during the Photo tour

    Tuscany offers some of the most beautiful countryside, along with their renowned wine production and culinary traditions. During our photography workshop in Tuscany you will have the opportunity to learn about and sample authentic regional Italian cuisine while exploring the beautiful surrounding areas and towns. As local I will bring you to taste in our pauses some authentic food outside of the typical tourist circuit.

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