In recent years i took several trips to Myanmar. My point of departure for this project was the present lifestyle of Burmese people when the country has open the door to massive tourism and to the Western model. I was particularly interested in to what extent this cultural history had left traces in modern society of Myanmar. These aspects bear witness to a long cultural history in former Burma. During my traveling i have find that some places shows this timeless power of life, where secular conceptions and cultural influences converge. Particulary along the banks of the Irraawaddy river, far from the tourist route, the lifestyle of the local doesn’t have change so much from centuries. In a country filled with strife, the Irrawaddy is a source of hope for the Burmese people. It was and is still where every day they wash, drink, travel, and pray. This river has never disappointed the Burmese and it is inseparable from their spiritual life, it is their hope. In this sense, it is relevant that cultural and social history shows signs of memory that still remain today. So the spirit of the time, the rites and cultures, the density of social processes, the structure of common life, condense and emerge, with an imposing truth.

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