Walking on the Dunes

Like in the movie “Woman in the Dunes” (1964) by Hiroshi Teshigara, where an entomologist found himself a prisoner in a sand pit, in some ways I found myself  under the spell of the dunes for a winter in Natural Park of the Dunes of Corralejo in Fuerteventura. Here,the infinite landscapes, the greatness of nature and the continuous variation of lights and shadows awakened in me many emotions. I tried to translate all this experience into essential images, capable of transmitting emotions that I had experienced. With this spirit i investigated the dunes of the natural park of Corralejo, of which I present some fragments.The dunes became my studio where the horizon extends to infinity is reduced to a single backdrop and on the background  the elements of the images are hung on the horizon with drawing pins, suspended in a dimension that transcends the empirical data to expand into a universe of fantasies more or less born on the edge of the conscience. All the pictures are the distinctive features of the compositions hovering between surrealism and reality, where on a blinding sandy background stand high contrast elements with dark features. Silhouettes of people, rocks and plants sublimated as mannequins on an imaginary set, made of sand.

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