How Photograph Varkala

Photograph Varkala, an hidden gem in the Southwest corner of Kerala. Introduction to Photograph Varkala Varkala is a beach town in the south of Kerala. So little town is sitting on top of a cliff overlooking the Arabian sea. Indeed the south Indian state of Kerala is slowly taking over Goa’s popularity. Anyway though it is yet not suffering from overtourism. If you want photograph beautiful seascape and take some

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Photograph in Normandy

Photograph in Normandy. The region has much to offer photographers with its beautiful scenery and rich history. Indeed Normandy boasts a gorgeous countryside, coastline, and woodlands, as well as impressive castles, splendid churches, and picturesque ancient towns. In conclusion from beach resorts and fishing villages to medieval towns and Gothic castles, there is so much to see here. Learn more with my list of top locations and places to photograph

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Is sustainable photography possible?

SUSTAINABLE PHOTOGRAPHY Is sustainable photography possible?I will try to answer this simple question in this post. By doing this I will also try to define what sustainable photography is, how it exists in reality and if it is feasible. Introduction to Sustainable Photography It is time to get serious about sustainability in the photography industry. Let’s start with its meaning. Sustainable photography is how photographers can account for their ecological

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Photo experience in India

There could very well be a hundred different photo experience in India considering its history, culture, people, traditions religions architecture and landscape. Anyway i have carefully curated some absolutely that are sure to captivate your mind and seduce your soul. Welcome to Incredible India Photo Experience In India Exploring Kerala Hidden in the southwestern corner of India, Kerala means “land of coconuts” . Here the tropical landscape is crossed by

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Photograph the hills of Florence

Photograph The Hills Of Florence Once you have photographed the city with its monumental and artistic beauties, it is interesting to capture the surrounding areas. In particular, photograph the hills of Florence is one this experience to do it. Indeed this area offer many opportunities and distinct wonderful landscapes to be immortalized. In fact, they are an opportunity for those who want to combine photography with a pleasant and relaxing