Travel Photography Beginners

Travel photography kit in one bag

I write down three different Travel photography kit to use in distinct situation. All of them are make to bring everything in one bag, except for a tripod. So once the individual components have been removed from their respective cases. There are many other possible combinations: use these tips as a basic reference, but decide according to your budget, your needs and your travel plans. The focal lengths given refer

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Prepare travel photography

Why Prepare travel photography When Prepare travel photography, once you have decided which equipment to bring with you, there are various other things you can do at home before leaving. If taking pictures will be a priority, plan your trips keeping in mind your goals. So the time spent researching the goal, preparing to deal with obstacles and creating lists of shots will be rewarded by the greater opportunities to

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Travel photography basic aspect

In travel photography beautiful photos are not take in the fraction of a second it takes to press the shutter button. So they are moments in time created by photographers who know how to see, select and organize the elements before them. In this way, they create visually coherent and unique compositions. To achieve this, whatever the camera you are using or the subject you are trying to capture, you

Exposure in photography

A photo must not be excessively dark (underexposed) or excessively light (overexposed) but must just have a correct Exposure The Basics of Photography Whether you’ve got as new or old camera, digital or analog, the basic principles of photography are the same. A photo must not be excessively dark (underexposed) or excessively light (overexposed) but must have a correct EXPOSURE in photography. Everybody start from zero with no knowledge or

Travel Photography Beginners

Travel Photography Beginners

An essential guide of Travel Photography for Beginners Everybody start from zero with no knowledge or experience in this field. Like me some years ago when i took my first film camera without know about basics. So for them who are in the same situation, i write down some basics elements that I think are like guidelines of travel photography for beginners. I’m not intent to telling you all you