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How photography urban landscape

Photography urban landscape Photography urban landscape is a fast growing subject, maybe because towns and cities are full of fascinating photo opportunities. In fact you can capture the vibe of one place, a unique feel that makes them different from anywhere else. Also you can choose a different genre like capture architecture, making some portrait, […]

How photography people when you travel

Photography People in travel During my workshop often people tell me that they find difficult to take good portrait when they travel. So i will explore in this post how photography people when you are not at home. In fact, approaching strangers and asking to capture them, usually with a language barrier, can be a […]

Travel Photography Subjects

Travel Photography Subjects I’m not intent to telling you all you need to know to capture perfect pictures and stunning images while traveling. Instead, I want to pointing out some important elements to capture when you are on the road . Also, an intention to ask yourself some questions about travel photography subject. My hope […]