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Marketing Strategies for Photographers

Marketing Strategies for Photographers: free and paid tools. Below you have some simple ready-to-use tips to use immediately. How start in Marketing Strategies for Photographers The starting point of marketing is the analysis of your customers. Who are your customers? What do they want? What problems or needs do they have? Your services immediately follow, […]

Marketing for photographers, basic aspects

Marketing for photographers A post in which I list some basic aspects of marketing for photography. So I try to explain some simple, actionable steps designed to help you boost your brand and promote yourself. Think like entrepreneur You should adapt the mindset of a successful business. So, be able to define your brand attributes […]

About Travel photography jobs

The travel photography jobs for many is a dream and for few is a reality come through. But today still exist those figures who is paid to travel and take photos? Maybe sounds like an amazing life being able to travel, take pictures and get paid for it. But the reality is very different and […]