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Photograph for Instagram like a pro

Photograph for Instagram Why instagram Instagram has become the virtual showcase where everyone wants to stand out. Especially for photographers is a one of the best platform to show your work. So in this post i try to reveal what you to learn some basic information to release better photo to upload in your feed in instagram. Also i will tell you some tips on how to best present your Instagram projects


Find Photography Inspiration

Find Photography Inspiration Find photography inspiration is a fundamental thing.Without it is really difficult to create photos or more generically art. However, there are times when inspiration is completely lacking, but there are some ways to create it. Often you don’t notice that inspiration is in everything around you and closer than you think. So it is possible to feed that with some methods that I list below. Focus on

How photograph iconic places

It’s hard to photograph iconic places that have been shot a bilion times and don’t copy the last who did it. Indeed it’s one of the great challenges for the travel photographer is to produce unique images of most famous and iconic places. The pyramids, Machu Picchu, Angkor Wat, the Eiffel Tower, the Great Wall, the Grand Canyon, the Taj Mahal. Photograph iconic places Famous places and monuments are always

How photograph Sea

How photograph the Sea It is probably the most popular subject among travel photographers, perhaps because at first glance it seems the simplest type of photography. In reality, landscape in travel photography requires important technical knowledge and a lot of effort to bring about appreciable results. How many times do we happen to see a breathtaking landscape during a trip to a beautiful place and then reviewing the photographs at

Photography Book on India

My favorite Photography Book on India

Favorite Photography Book on India There is no better way to learn to photograph than by doing it by the best. Today it is possible to access many books of great photographers who are an infinite and free source of learning and inspiration.They have in common the Subject, the great country of India and his people. Raghu Rai: “India, Reflections in colour and Reflections in black and white” Raghu Rai’s