Drones in Italy: a little guide

Drones in Italy

Drones in Italy to have an unique perspectives and capabilities for capturing stunning aerial images and videos. Rules and Fly zone for Drones in Italy The last update about regulations regarding the operation of drones in Italy were governed by the Italian Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC)was in January 2022. However, regulations can change, and it’s … Read more

Grand Tour in Italy, a simple photo guide

Venice Photography Workshop

The Grand Tour in Italy was an exciting journey developed by legendary artist and photographers, who set out to tour the great cities of Eu- rope seeking history and art. Their journey took them through famous capitals the iconic cities of Italy, or the ancient“garden of the empire,” as referred to by the writer Dante … Read more

How photograph Algarve

Algarve photography tour

How Photograph Algarve in southern Portugal, a really nice area to photograph the sea and coastline.Some of the view in different location are so breathtakingly beautiful that you could spend days. I write some information and tips about this Portugal famous region. Introduction to photograph Algarve The inviting coast of the Algarve region of southern … Read more

Photograph Val D’Orcia, a simple guide

Photograph Tuscany

Photograph Val d’Orcia is a dream for many. Indeed the ideal destination for those who love to take landscape photographs to truly discover and get to know a territory, its population, its culture and its history. This area is golden photographic triangle is located between San Quirico, Pienza and Monticchiello. A corner of Tuscany where … Read more

How Photograph Cinque Terre

Photograph Italian Riviera

Photograph Cinque Terre, few tiny villages in twelve kilometers of coastline. How take amazing images in this stretches itself along the west coast of northern Italy, approximately halfway between Genoa and Pisa. Introduction to how Photograph Cinque Terre This tiny villages are so picturesque, incredibly photogenic thanks the colourful façades of the houses and for … Read more


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