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In travel photography beautiful photos are not take in the fraction of a second it takes to press the shutter button. So they are moments in time created by photographers who know how to see, select and organize the elements before them. In this way, they create visually coherent and unique compositions. To achieve this, whatever the camera you are using or the subject you are trying to capture, you will have to make a series of decisions relating to exposure, composition, light treatment and movement rendering.

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Many times in travel photography the emphasis is on the technical aspects of photography. These are obviously important, but one thing is to take technically good photos and one thing is to take creative photos. This is mainly because the elements that come into play when photographing creatively challenge automation, and will always do so. Anyway the truth is that good photos can be take with any camera. In fact, many memorable images has taken over the past century using the tools gradually available.

travel photography
Group of Pilgrims, Karnataka, India

Excellent photos are the product of many factors, from light to composition etc. It is from the way in which the photographer combines technical and creative skills in precise moments in time that unique images derive, from which the individuality of their author shines through.

Exposure in travel photography

The exposure is a creative decision from which the quality and character of a travel photography stem. It’s about when you take a photo and what your eye sees through the lens. The choices made in setting the exposure are fundamental to determine the success of this transfer.
The correct exposure implies that the sensor is exposed to the right amount of light so that it can record the intensity of the colors and the details of the scene that led to taking the photo. Therefore with too much light the image will be overexposed and will appear clear. With insufficient light, the photo will be underexposed and appear dark.

travel photography

Composition in travel photography

Composition is a creative act that allows you to enclose in travel photography a subject that has struck you in a particular way. If you compose the image well, it will be attractive to others as well as to you. The challenge lies in selecting and organizing the various elements before you in a visually coherent image.
There is not a single correct composition for a given subject or for a certain scene, and it is often worth trying various solutions. Usually photographers challenge with the subject taking into consideration all the possibilities.
So all the compositions are the direct consequence of a series of decisions. These can the point of interest, the lens, the angle, the content and the orientation. By evaluating these variables before pressing the shutter button, you can give your interpretation of the subject. Experience and practice will teach you to quickly create an impact composition. Also, gradually, you will be able to develop your preferences and personal style.

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Light, with its ability to transform a subject or a scene from ordinary to extraordinary, is one of the most powerful tools available to the photographer. Being able to see the light is the final piece necessary to create photos with a strong impact.
Every well-made travel photograph wants ‘right light’. The key factors to do it are the color, the quality and the direction. Once you understand these elements, you can predict their effect on a particular subject. This helps to decide what time of day to visit a certain place. The trick to taking photos in the right light is to find a point of view from which to turn existing conditions to your advantage, and not to fight against them.

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Moving Subject

There are many subjects who refuse to stand still. In fact, most of them move constantly. Generally the photographer aims to freeze the movement in his subjects to obtain clear and sharp images. There is an alternative, however, which used on the right occasions suggests the idea of movement, speed and action through the controlled use of blur in the whole image or in part of it.

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