Traveling photography equipment.

Usually when come to choose traveling equipment everybody has their own choice. This depends from many factors and is really personal. When coming the day to leave you easily pack your clothing. But for your photo equipment maybe is not so easy to choose. So let’s start.


For me is coming first before every trip. So this is almost always my advice for anybody going on a tour. For a photographer this is an important factor to make sure your remember all of your equipment. As you are developing your list, consider the size and scope of your trip. So a shorter one, less intensive vacation will have different requirements than a photography centered getaway. 

If you will be flying to your destination, be sure to check security regulations. Some equipment, for example batteries, may have limits. 

My list

  • Card Case
  • Cleaning equipment
  • Card Reader
  • External Hard Drive
  • Zip Lock Bags
  • Led light
  • Travel Tripod
  • Shooter Bag
  • Camera
  • Films if I shoot analog
  • memory card
  • lens
  • Drone if you have

Photography Bags and accessories

No tourist stuff or bags. When you are traveling overseas for a photographic trip, you need to protect your gear with something really good and durable. So better high quality, water resistant, and maintain accessibility through mountain regions, desert or a city. 

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When your list is done, start to packing. Things to keep in mind as you are getting your suitcase together.

  • Disassemble your gear. If you can, break your camera down into the various pieces. This allows for more efficient use of space and avoids any damages that may occur during travel. 
  • Add padding. Equipment should always be well padded, this comes back to avoiding damages. If you’re not ready to invest in camera-specific travel gear, get creative with your clothes and other “fluffy” materials that will provide insolation to your equipment.
  • Easy-Access. Depending on the scope of your trip, you may need to check bags with your camera equipment. Think ahead and create a system that will allow you to easily remove the gear should you need it on arrival. 


Whenever possible, try to carry your traveling equipment on board with you. This is recommended for a variety of reasons: 

  • Equipment is fragile. You ensure the treatment and placement of your gear while boarding if it is in your hand luggage.
  • Harmful Scanners. If you use film, studies have shown that the scanners used at security check-in do not harm film – however the same has not been proven with those on the other side. Err on the side of caution and bring it ‘aboard. 
  • It is valuable. Whenever you check a bag, you leave handling and safetly in the hands of others. Most of the time there are no problems, but it is recommended to carry-on whenever possible to avoid any.

If your traveling equipment is ready and want be part on my workshop, just looking what’s next.

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