Location for photographers Fuerteventura.

Fuerteventura is the second largest of the Canary Islands and the favorite for the photographers with Lanzarote. In fact, it is famous for its lunar volcanic and desertic landscapes, but also the least inhabited by density. Also, the island is well know for the spectacular sunsets on the west coast, the white sand dunes of its deserts and the shades of blue of its crystal clear waters. Those are perfect elements for photographing a wide range of amazing landscapes.

Why Visit the Island

Because of its uniqueness, some years ago, Fuerteventura was declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. It has a very pleasant dry climate, and enjoys more than 320 sunny days a year. Usually is not rains, but only for a handful of days a year, and usually at night. The island is often referred to as the island of eternal spring. Thanks to these factors, the light conditions are, for most of the time, ideal for landscape photographers. This is the main kind of photography you can make here, but also you can enjoy to shooting some local culture or sport photography, if you like take some pictures of surfers. I already organized a workshop here and after that I realize how can be this island so photogenic. Was a pleasant surprise for photographers Fuerteventura. The island is easy to travel, the roads are almost empty and the well connected with airplane and boat. Also, is really cheap place for a European standard and can be a great deal for a few days shooting escape.

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Hot Spots for photographers Fuerteventura

For photographers Fuerteventura can be a really great surprise with a little bit of adventure. In fact, the island is not too much well know and just only few years ago some photographers shooting here. So, can be a great and original location. I write down some places worth a visit.

Natural Park of the Dunes of Corralejo:

I thought the best photographic excursion is the visit of spectacular Parco delle Dune in Corralejo. From the Sahara desert, the finest sand, transported by winds blowing from the north – east, has gathered over the millennia in these great dunes, creating a real desert. This natural park has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Therefore is famous throughout Europe for its white sands and spectacular location. The desert is crossed by a suggestive road that unfolds for about 10 km. A perfect location to take unique pictures of their kind! Along the way you can stop near the “Flag Beach” to photograph the nearby island of Lobos and its volcanic headlands, lit by the warm light of late afternoon.

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The wild west coast:

To find other interesting spot you have to reach the wild west coast of the island, in particular the area of ​​”El Cotillo”. This fishing village offers several interesting photographic opportunities. Here you can shot the Toston lighthouse that borders the northernmost end of the island. Also, the calm and crystalline water lagoons of “Los Lagos” and the nearby beach of “Piedra Playa”, beaten from the ocean waves with the volcanic promontory behind.

The road of the Volcanoes:

You can explore a suggestive path in the middle of extinct volcanic cones and lunar landscapes just a few minutes from Corralejo. Once you arrive, climbing to the top of one of the volcanoes and reaching the crater will be a unique experience! Stop at one of the Miradors – a vantage point – to contemplate the crater of these striking reddish-colored volcanoes formed 5,000 years ago. Therefore, from there you will reach the north coast of the island. The North Shore with its 20 km of dirt roads and its sharp reefs that plunge into the ocean.

Getting to Fuerteventura

You’ll find one of the easiest ways is via the Spain with a number of connections leaving from Madrid airport. But also if you flight from other city from Europe is not difficult get there.There are also twice a week a ferry boat from Andalucia city of Huelva and once a week from Cadice. There are many ferry boat service between all the island.

Other tips

Is almost an essential hire a car if you’re hoping to see a lot of the locations noted in this guide. For all photographers Fuerteventura their own car gives the freedom to shooting wherever you want at whatever time.

Better if you beware of the wind. It’s windy on Fuerteventura, sometimes so strong you can find it hard to close your car door.

It’s not always really warm. So it’s worth taking a light jacket with you.

Be careful that the strong winds don’t pick up small rocks and dust that may damage your lens.

And lastly, don’t forget your hat and your sunscreen especially if you’re a pale sun worshiper like me that turns into a tomato.

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