Photograph Cordoba an essential guide

Photograph Cordoba

I realize this essential guide photography Cordoba,one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. This town is full of monuments and places to capture and things to do. Unique monuments, squares, alleys, Roman remains, festivals are some of the subjects to capture in Córdoba.

How to Photograph Cordoba

Cordoba is a large open-air museum with architectural and natural beauty. I am convinced that there is still a lot to photograph in Cordoba, as the city offers many enchanting places and unique corners. Breathtaking views between street corners, churches and historic buildings are the main subject to capture. Anyway off beaten track you should find some unique shots. Most major sights are within easy walking distance. Once you have found the subject and potential locations, then try to plan out when you want to shoot each spot. Finally organize and prepare well you trip to Cordoba .

Before living be sure you have the right traveling photography equipment .

What Photograph Cordoba

Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba

La Mezquita is the Great Mosque that was created for the Caliphate of Córdoba, an important Moorish kingdom of Andalusia. Built in the eighth century, the Mezquita is a masterpiece of Islamic architecture and is considered one of the most striking monuments of Moorish Spain. Enter through the Puerta del Perdón gateway that leads into the picturesque Patio de los Naranjos that is planted with fragrant orange trees and palms.

From the Patio de los Naranjos, you willlreach the Mudéjar-style Puerta de las Palmas, which opens into the prayer hall of the mosque. This impressive hall is a beauty of 856 columns and awe-inspiring arches. The marble and jasper columns are linked by red and white horseshoe arches.

Mezquita cathedral


This is probably the true symbol of Cordoba, when we speak of this city in the mind the image that is created is that of the 4300 columns built in this place. The Medina Azahara of Cordoba is a court built by Abd-al Rahaman III . It is out of town, downstream of the Sierra Morena, precisely 8 kilometers from the city.

The Roman Bridge

The Roman bridge over the Guadalquivir is another of the main attractions of the city, it is about 240 meters long. It has 16 arches that support the bridge and stands on the only navigable river in Spain. The Roman bridge is the symbol of Cordoba, it was built in the first century BC by August. Then over the years it has undergone a series of restorations that have made it the monument of today.

To Photograph it walking around and find your perfect view. At the two ends of the bridge we find the Puerte del Puente, with the imposing triumphal arch and on the other side the Calahorra Tower.

photography Cordoba
Roman Bridge, Cordoba 2109

Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos

The fortress of the Christian Kings, or Alcazares de Los Reyes Cristianos, is the most fun complex to photograph in Cordoba. It was built in 1327 by Alfonso XI, and important historical events took place here. In fact, it was used for various purposes as the seat of the holy inquisition, later it was converted into a prison and finally in 900 it became a museum. Inside the fortress it is possible to capture the fantastic Arab baths or the typical gardens that surround it. Certainly you to go up to the top of the tower where you can take an amazing panoramic photo. Don’t forget to visit the complex early in the morning to avoid tourists.

photography Cordoba

La Judería

If you want to have a pleasant walk, head to the Juderia. This is one of the most important districts of the city, characterized by very narrow streets and white houses. Lose yourself in this fascinating scenario and photograph the thousand amazing corners of the area.

Plaza de la Corredera

Plaza de la Corredera is an important eighteenth-century square with a respectable history. In fact it was home to many shows and public events including the Roman Cordoba circus. Try to photograph it from above, perhaps staying in a hotel overlooking the square. If you have the opportunity, don’t miss the Mercado de la Corredera, as lively as it is to photograph.

photography Cordoba

When Photography Cordoba

The best time to Photograph Cordoba is during the spring and autumn months, namely May to June when Cordoba bursts in bloom and enjoys month long festivities. Late September to October marks some of the best weather in this part of Andalusia. Winters too are mild and pleasant although there’s not much activity during those months. Is the perfect time if you want Photograph the monuments of the town, because the are less tourist.

If you choose to travel during spring do remember that you will have to book way in advance to get good hotel and ticket deals.

Meanwhile the summer months are to be avoided at any cost. In summers, Cordoba is unforgivingly hot and sweaty.

Festival Photograph Cordoba

A good time to Photograph Cordoba is coinciding with some of its most emblematic festivals: the May Crosses, the Patios Festival and the fair, all of which are held during the month of May. One of them, the Fiesta de los Patios, is declared Intangible Heritage of Humanity. During its celebration, the typical Cordovan courtyards are adorned with flower pots and open to the public to be visited.

How get there

They can get to Córdona by plane, a wonderful Andalusian city, looking for a direct flight to Córdoba airport, which is only six kilometers from the center, or they can travel to other nearby airports such as Seville airport. The Córdoba train station is part of the Spanish high-speed line, known as AVE, thanks to high-speed trains they can reach Madrid in just an hour and a half, and Sevillas in less than 50 minutes. So if you want to buy and see the tickets, schedules and prices you can see on the official website of Spanish trains:

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