The Father of Indian Photography,Raghu Rai

Father of Indian Photography

Personally I am convinced that Raghu Rai’s work represents a great stimulus for anyone photographers and an excellent starting point for those who engage in street photography and photojournalism. Indeed for those who want to Photograph India is an essential figure to look at. HIs photos and books are a good stimulus and preparation.

The Raghu Rai career

Known as the “Father of Indian Photography” Rai was born in Jhang, a small city in British India, actually in Pakistan . He studied civil engineering but in 1965, unable to find a job, his brother encouraged him to get into photography. So he attend a weekly “The Times” contest which he consequently won. One year later he began working at The Statesman newspaper in New Delhi. Later in 1976 after he became an independent photographer. In fact in this Henri Cartier-Bresson noticed the talent of the emerging photographer and hired him in the Magnum Agency. Between 1982 and 1992 he worked as director of photography at India Today.

Father of Indian Photography

The works

For decades, Father of Indian Photography has flanked the publication of nearly twenty books dedicated to India and its many facets to the work of photojournalism, also covering exceptional situations such as the Bhopal disaster, the refugee camps of northern Tibetan, the Sikhs of Punjab and Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

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Although the bulk of Raghu Rai’s work is in black and white, in some of the latest projects Rai relies on digital and color. Rai always works close, very close and with great compositional quality. For looking at his work can you visit the Magnun Agency website. Here there are many works of the Father of Indian Photography.

Father of Indian Photography

In 1992 the official international consecration finally arrived because Raghu Rai won the Best Photographer of the Year award. In the last years he create a Raghu Rai Center of Photography in Gurgaon, outside of New Delhi.

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