Photography as Therapy

Photography as Therapy

If someone were asked what the photograph is for, they would probably answer that to portray reality. Other say to telling a story or to immortalize special moments and turn them into memories. However, photography has various uses, and one of them is therapy. Indeed taking photos can actually improve your mental health.

Camera Therapy in Photography

To overcome certain difficult moments or negative feelings that you may experience in life, photography can be a good solution. Of course, just taking pictures won’t solve your problems in life. But it will certainly help.

In a world media-saturate, we are spending more and more time staring at our screens. So, you might think that picking up a camera to ease your mind might seem counterintuitive. Instead scientific research and my experience proves otherwise.

Photography as Therapy

Slow the time

We must reduce the speed in which we live today and stop to breathe. I notice that even when we photograph, the tendency is to do it too frequently and without thinking. As if it were more rigid response to external stimulation. In this way we get many images. Too many. And often without a quality, especially with the smartphone. So take a camera, even an old one, and start to slow the time.

Photography as Therapy

A book Photography as therapy with Ghirri’s photos tried to purify the gaze to learn to see. Hence the title: the therapy he speaks of is an activity aimed at eliminating from our behavior at the speed in looking that transforms everything into superficiality.
As Ghirri says, awareness of the city is awareness of ourselves. The more I run and the less alive, the speed is equal to oblivion.

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Reframe the world

The way a photographer captures a scene is a totally unique form of expression filled with nuance and individual perspectives. Just shooting a picture without words is great practice. Also can be a tool to curate and reframe the world around you. Photography can be a place to reflect your own values, thoughts, and desires, and to manifest the kind of world you want to see. In short, you can choose what you focus on and what you leave out of the frame. What used to be ordinary for you can change after you took a photo of it from a different angle. Simple and ordinary things become more special and meaningful. And also an overall sense of happy and positive feeling.

Couple on the shoreline, Tuscany,Italy

Just enjoy and play with camera

One of the greatest joys of the art of photography is the ability to switch off from life’s more sombre issues. Also it is relish in a child-like state of play. A great way to enjoy with your daily practice is to constantly change up your subject. So start to explore a new location and capture some landscape with different light. Also can you try your hand at different genres of photography, or even work with different kinds of film or processing techniques. There are many way to discover and enjoy photography. After all, trying new things is a hot-wire to happiness. When you are engaging in photography as a form of self-expression, there is no right or wrong way to do things. Just enjoy it, because the most important thing is that you enjoy yourself along the way.

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