Travel photography as Therapy

Travel photography as Therapy

Wherever you choose to go, the photographic journey is in fact a true form of therapy. In fact, it is able to get back in touch with his own self, to enrich his emotional baggage and to unload from negative energies.

Travel Therapy and photography

Today Travel therapy is considered the right choice to make when you are in a critical moment in your life. Also it can push towards change and knowledge, to open your eyes and mind. However, with the help of the camera, your journey can take another step further. In fact the photography allows you to explore, measure yourself, grasp small things that you normally forget to observe and feed the soul with different experiences. It can be therapy and inspire too. Furthermore, it a passion that promotes new knowledge and experiences that otherwise you would not have a way to do.

Obviously it is not enough to take your travel photography equipment and go. To return enriched you have to get involved and try to take advantage of every single moment in order to improve yourself. And most important you have to bring your bag something. Can be a great baggage of experience and cultural knowledge. But also can be an amazing photo of landscape, a file with amazing portrait or a black and white negative. So here is a small list with the highlights not to be missed:

Travel photography as Therapy

Enjoy each day

Easy to say “Enjoy Each Day” but sometimes is more difficult to do it. So traveling with your camera must lead you to look around, appreciate everything you see and taste even the smallest things. Far from the frenzy of every day, it is necessary to find time to admire the wonder of nature but also any road. So try to discover it special for the many portions of view it can offer us. A child playing, a flower blooming, a puppy looking around, are all elements that if you stop for a moment can speak directly to the heart. Indeed thus offering new and long forgotten emotions, able to enrich us more than don’t think.

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Met new people

Interacting with new people, from other cultures and with ways of doing and thinking far from ours is always a unique experience that teaches much more than you can think of. We realize that we do not have a unique point of view in the world. This awareness is able to change deeply, making us more open, more aware and above all freer to be what we are, aware that in the world there is space for practically everyone.

Take care of yourself

Often those who travel tend to plan their days by filling them with many things to do. All of this is very beautiful and also right if you want to see as much as possible. However, it would be advisable to also plan time to devote to yourself with your camera. There are many way to discover the world and enjoy photography. After all, trying new things is a hot-wire to happiness. When you are engaging in photography as a form of self-expression, there is no right or wrong way to do things.

Make new experience

Indeed when traveling, you should learn to get out of your comfort zone. With your camera can be more easy. This does not mean getting stressed by taking picture from the top of the cliff. Instead going a little further than usual, in order to have new experiences and discover how, sometimes, exceeding one’s limits is easier than expected.

Slow the time

During the journey reduce the speed I and take a breath. I notice that when we travel, we photograph the tendency too frequently and without thinking. As if it were more rigid response to external stimulation. In this way we get many information and images. Too many. And often without a quality, especially with the smartphone. So thinking while traveling to slow the time, take a breath.

Travel photography as Therapy But is Not the Conventional One

Be careful and pay attention. Traveling photography although it is a form of therapy., but It is obviously not a substitute for the conventional one. It is something additional that is certainly good for the soul. Anyway that alone will never be able to solve certain problems for which, asking for psychological support is always the best choice to make.

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