Photos of Dunes that inspire you

Photos of Dunes

Landscape is the most popular subject among travel photographers, perhaps because at first glance it seems the simplest type of photography. In reality, photograph the dunes requires important technical knowledge and a lot of effort to bring about appreciable results. Also you need a good motivation and inspiration. I hope to help you with some photos that I have take in last years.

Tourist in Gobi Desert, Mongolia 2010
Tourist in Gobi Desert, Mongolia 2010

How take Photos of Dunes

How many times do we happen to see a breathtaking landscape during a trip to a beautiful place and then reviewing the photographs at home we realize that they do not make the same feeling? This happens if the right attention is not paid to important aspects of photographic technique such as composition, light and exposure.

However a landscape photographer cannot be only a technician! So he above all, be able to tune in to the environment that surrounds it, feel its peculiarities and understand what makes that landscape so unique. In fact, he must know what is to capture and what to emphasize. Then transmit the same feelings to those who see the photograph.

Dunas Corralejo
Dunas de Corralejo , Fuerteventura, Spain, Islas Canarias,

When you photograph dunes, like the desert, you have great possibilities for very intense and dramatic shots. The real challenge is hidden in the choice of composition and at the time of day to shoot. I give you some advice .

Avoid the monotony

The dunes, especially if you face it for the first time, can lead us to take a lot. We try to avoid monotony, we try to grasp less obvious detail or we pay particular attention to the composition. For example when I photograph in the desert in Corralejo, Canary Island, I try to going to the edge of the area and find a new perspectives or element. In the shot below I find something different using the ocean.

Tour photograph Fuerteventura
Corralejo, Fuerteventura

The human element

The human or animal, like camel, element allows us to grasp the grandeur of the show that opens up before our eyes. Remember that those who will see our shots later will not have a precise perception of how large the framed dunes are. So we have to restore the proportions by inserting a human element that can give a precise reference.

Use The Right Equipment

In order to take quality pictures, you need a quality equipment. This doesn’t mean you have to buy the professional gear but something is reliable. So be be sure you have the right traveling photography equipment. The essential gear to travel photography for beginner is camera with battery and memories card. Then you will add reflectors, artificial lights and tripod

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More info and questions

If you have any questions about this subject or other info about my workshop just contact me.

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