Photo experience in India

There could very well be a hundred different photo experience in India considering its history, culture, people, traditions religions architecture and landscape. Anyway i have carefully curated some absolutely that are sure to captivate your mind and seduce your soul. Welcome to Incredible India

Photo Experience In India

Exploring Kerala

Hidden in the southwestern corner of India, Kerala means “land of coconuts” . Here the tropical landscape is crossed by dozens of rivers and innumerable waterways. Also the visitors can spend idle days crossing these placid lagoons on small ferries which make the daily life of the villages of this village. This area It is also famous for its sprawling tea plantations, unique eco-tourism and magnificent architecture.

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Traveling Along the Himalayan Mountain

The Indians call it a Little Tibet. Therefore it. Is situated in north of India. This area is a bit remote and has a difficult access. Ladakh is basically a Himalayan region where authentic Tibetan people live in. The whole area is located at a very high altitude, which extends from the Kunlun mountain range to the Great Himalayas. So the capital, Leh, is more then 3,500 meters above sea level, and around has a large number of peaks reaching over 6,000 meters. Indeed, for me it is one of my favorite location in India to photograph.In conclusion it is an experience for those who love landscapes and buddhism.

Camel Fair Festival
Rajastan woman, Pushkar

Rajasthan and Camel Fair

Exploring the land of Rajh and photographing the amazing Camel Fair Festival in Pushkar. This region is one the gems of Asia for photographers. Indeed is easy to reach from the capital New Delhi and offer a lot of opportunity to shooting. The word “Rajasthan” means “Land of the Kings”, and there is no more appropriate name for this fabulous region of India , where the most important vestiges of the glorious past of the Maharajas are preserved. Discovering the region you will photograph Rajasthan amazing palaces but also deserts, festivals, impregnable fortresses and extremely lively culture.

What you need for your Photo experience in India

India, as the advertisement say, is a incredibile destination. Thus you can capture stunning images in many location, no matter the gear. Even with a phone you would do! Anyway, if you want to make the most of your trip, here is some equipment that you might need.

A camera. It doesn’t matter if your camera is a full-frame or APSC if you understand how to use it.
A wide-angle lens. Useful in Architecture and landscapes a wide lens to fit everything into the frame.
A versatile travel zoom, such as 24-105mm or similar. This will come in handy when you need to zoom in on the subject. I don’t suggest a dedicated telephoto, but having something with more reach will definitely help.
A sturdy tripod. As alway a must for landscape. Not need for street photography.
Neutral-density filter. You will be shooting near water a lot. This often means longer exposures, so having an ND filter is a good idea.
(Optional) a polarizing filter. A polarizing filter can occasionally be useful, so if you have one, there is no reason not to bring it. But I wouldn’t list it as a hard requirement.
(Optional) a drone. If you have a drone, India is not a perfect place to fly it for foreign. Just for Indian people is allowed to use it. So if you have can you leave at home!

India Collection

Enjoy my collection of images randomly selected from portfolio. Therefore each reflect my vision of this different destination. Most of them are take in my past photo adventures in India.

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Travel Insurance

Getting a really god insurance. Like any destination, traveling with proper travel insurance is a must. Take care of yourself in the India.

Healthy issues

Prophylaxis or vaccination for India is not mandatory. However, it is recommended to contact the external health of the autonomous community.


You must apply for an Indian tourist visa embassy or consulate (contact us for more information and help) via online (Price approx. € 65). Passport with a minimum validity of six months and at least two blank pages.

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