Photography Sukhothai

Photography Sukhothai, an essential guide

The historical Park of Sukhothai, with the other one Ayutthaya, is a place for every passionate photographer of ruins and architecture. Even is not huge as other complex as Angkor Wat, the grounds of Sukhothai is still very large and well worth a visit. Will be a pleasure walk around with your camera try to capture the nice temples and statue in this cared park. The complex is divided in 3 areas, that represent different cities: Sukhothai, Si Satchanalai and Kamphaeng Phet.


The Sukhothai kingdom was not just one of the biggest in the Thailand, but also among the first kingdoms to be established in the country’s prehistoric times. The name Sukhothai literally translates to “Dawn of Happiness”. It was the capital of the first Kingdom of Siam about 800 years ago. Even the exact year of its establishment remains undetermined, some researchers point out sometime between 1238 and 1257. Sukhothai served as the capital for the next 120 years wherein it was under the rule of several kings. The kingdoms of Sukhothai existed until the late 15th century. The most famous was King Ramkhamhaeng, who reigned from 1275 to 1317 and is credited with developing the first Thai script .In fact,his inscriptions are considered the first Thai literature. He also expanded the kingdom to include almost all of present-day Thailand. But a few kings later in 1438, Sukhothai was absorbed by Ayuthaya.

Photography Sukhothai

What Photograph in Sukhothai

The main subject to Photograph in Sukhothai are the big statues of buddha that you will see around the complex. Anyway the lines and forms of the architecture are quiet good and well deserve time to shooting. Although the Historical park is not so big like Bagan and you can work with a lot of time and patience. Indeed the best light is at sunrise and at sunset, also a good time to avoid tourist.

Sukhothai Historical Park:

This historical park is the main component of the historic town of Sukhothai. It consists of ruins from the 13th and 14th-century Sukhothai kingdom. There are a total of 193 ruins within 70 square kilometers of land, which includes 26 temples and royal palace remains. The largest of the temple inside this park is Wat Mahathat.

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Si Satchanalai Historical Park:

This park is where you will find the ruins of Si Satchanalai. This is the second most important town during the reign of the Sukhothai Kingdom. Within this historical park, there are 215 ruins in total.

Photography Sukhothai

Kamphaeng Phet Historical Park:

This is an archaeological site that is included within the historic site of Sukhothai in Thailand. In this park, you will find the archaeological remains of an ancient site. You will also see the preserved town planning concept of old Sukhothai and large structures made out of laterite.

Equipment Photography Sukhothai

From the preparation to the actual day of photography Sukhothai below i made my list of gear

  • The camera  
  • Lenses. A wide angle is a must in the temples, at least a 24mm.
  • Off-camera flash.
  • A wireless camera tether.
  • Backups of everything — especially batteries and memory cards.
  • Better monopod instead of tripod.
Photography Sukhothai

Before going to the complex be sure to clean your lenses, so your shots aren’t ruined by specs of dust or dirt. Indeed bring along extra memory cards, especially when the event will last a long time.

How to get there

To get to Sukhothai, you must travel to and from Bangkok, you can take another flight to Sukhothai Airport. Also there are two daily flights from Bangkok to Sukhothai. Other transportation option from Bangkok is via bus and train. The travel time from Bangkok or Chiang Mai to Sukhothai is 7 hours. In train you will be dropped off in Phitsanulok where you must take another bus for 1 hour to Sukhothai.

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