Josef Hoflehner a master photographer

Josef Hoflehner was born in Austria in 1955 and has been a professional photographer for more than 30 years. Beginning to photograph as a profession that led him to deal mainly with interior photography. However, in the nineties, he intensified his personal works and for about ten years he has been dealing exclusively with fine-art photography.


He started shooting relatively late. He bought his first camera when he was twenty. In his family or among his friends no one cared, or even had only a passion for photography, but it was enough to simply start to be so fascinated that he almost immediately decided to try to make photography his profession.

Traveling is him great passion. Always interested in the world and different cultures, so that, inevitably, photography and travel become an extraordinary, wonderful combination.

Josef Hoflehner

His images, made with Hasselblad film using neutral density filters for long exposures, are fascinating and mysterious, full of silence and elegance. In them we read the perfect composition, pure light enclosed in the classic square format. Him works are almost a soft black and white, but recently is change for colors. Indeed he has a distinctive language, a silent and quiet minimalism.

An aesthetic balance is always perceived in every photograph, no matter what the subject is. The perfection and cleanliness of the composition are a “must” in his photography which make him deserve to win prestigious awards with minimalist, lyrical images that convey a sense of peace.

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In his works the common denominator is the absence of man. To those who look at them, they appear as desert landscapes, antitheses of the chaotic and frenetic modern world.

Josef Hoflehner

Josef Hoflehner’s books

There are twelve photographic books published by Josef Hoflehner to date. Indeed, each one is a small jewel, so much so that some titles have long been sold out and have a certain collector value. This is the case of “Unleashed”, the first great classic of the Austrian photographer dedicated to his surreal and silent landscapes. It is entirely shot in Europe. Also the “Unleashed Two”is the other great one. This time he capture other location like China, Vietnam, Iceland, Germany,France. Instead “Nine 9”, Hoflehner’s ninth book, he collected photographs taken in Japan, India, Canada and the USA.

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